→school started; i won't get to go on as much (╯︵╰,)

→made an anime blog!(‘∀’●)♡

Emily, sixteen, yixing biased. I like exo, anime, colors, boba, and corgis! I live off of milk tea, cute boys, and adorable things. My previous url was layedbyixing ( 〃・ω・〃)

♡ Personality type: ISTJ

♡ Fandoms: EXO, SHINee

♡ Anime: One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Free!, Magi, SNK, Avatar+Korra ((lol))

♡ Corgis, boba and colors are kind of my thing (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

♡ Yixing is my #1 follwed by SeKai at #2 and then my bb Taemin at #3

♡ Photoshop is fun!